VMware Converter build#36853 は 2007/02/01 にライセンス切れ [software]

VMware Converter Product Team からのメールによると 2007/01/29 にリリースされた VMware Converter build#36853 は 2007/02/01 にライセンスが切れ使えなくなってしまうとのこと。
新しい build#39557 を使用すればよいらしい。

We wanted to inform you that we have identified an important functional issue with VMware Converter build# 36853 that was released on Jan 29th, 2007. This issue causes the installed VMware Converter 3.0 product license to expire on Feb 1st, 2007, thereby disabling all conversion functionality.

This functional issue has been fixed and an updated VMware Converter 3.0 build# 39557 is now available for download at http://www.vmware.com/download/converter/

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